Github Tutorial

Saving and versioning your programs are an important part of development. At some point you will need to:

  1. Share your code with others.
  2. Branch off from your working program to develop new additions.
  3. Revert to a previous iteration of your software.
  4. Download someone else's software project.
  5. Contribute to an open source project.
  6. Recover your project because you accidentally typed rm -rf *.

Don't wait until you need to do one of these aforementioned items (especially recovering months of deleted software)! Make a GitHub account and start saving and keeping track of all your work in a logical and efficient way. Since there are so many excellent GitHub tutorials on the web, we'll just list them in a sensible order.

Here's a quick overview of a standard workflow using GitHub:

Create an Account

Installing GitHub

Setting Up and Repo Creation

Creating a repo and editing via the

Linking a repo to your local directory and adding files to a repo via the command line

Recap of linking your repo, and how to grab someone else's repo and download it to your local machine.

Branching and Tagging

Rundown of branch creation, merging, conflicts, deletion

Modifying and Contributing to Other Projects

Basic forking (copying a repo with the intent to modify it)

Extra Resources Useful command cheat sheet Full length online git book, great in-depth info